About Me

I've been professionally involved with Linux, networking and security since the late 90's working for various companies both in Europe and the US.

My areas of expertise include:

  • Designing, configuring, deploying and administering Linux environments, leveraging Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu and Slackware distributions;
  • Container orchestration with Kubernetes and Mesos;
  • Linux clustering including RHCS, Pacemaker with Corosync and DRBD;
  • Load Balancing technologies including Stingray/Zeus, HAProxy and Pound;
  • Apache, Tomcat, Glassfish, MySql, Samba, Cobbler, Puppet and BIND servers;
  • MTA’s including Sendmail and Postfix;
  • Provisioning of new Linux servers using PXE with kickstart or Cobbler;
  • Linux files systems tuning of Ext 3, Ext 4, Reiserfs, NFS and GFS2;
  • Linux VPN technologies including openVPN;
  • Shell scripting with bash;
  • Linux kernel installation, tuning and patching;
  • Xen and KVM Virtualization technologies with libvirt, and Open vSwitch
  • Centralized Authentication using OpenLDAP and Likewise;
  • Logical Volume Management on Linux with LVM2 and software RAID;
  • Networking and Network Protocols (TCP/IP and OSI models);
  • Cisco equipment (Routers and Switches);
  • System/Network Security Administration and Penetration Testing using SELinux, iptables, SNORT, OSSEC, Nessus and the Metasploit framework;
  • Cloud technologies including OpenStack, OpenShift and Amazon Web Services;

My Specialties are:

Virtualization and Cloud Infrastucture, Server Architecture, Application Architecture, Network Architecture, Middle-ware Infrastructure and Systems Administration.

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In my spare time I love to travel. Here's a map of all the places I've lived or visited:

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Konstantin Ivanov